EasyPark Group

URBAN LIFE MADE EASIER. At EasyPark, we love cities. We love them for work, for play and everything in between. That’s why our mission is to make life in cities that much easier – by taking care of the parking. We make sure you never miss a beat by making it quicker and easier to find, pay, administer, operate and plan parking.

EasyPark Group is a leading digital service company focused on building the world’s most comprehensive marketplace for parking. The EasyPark app which lets drivers find and pay for parking and electric vehicle charging is the flagship product which is currently available in 10 European markets and Australia. EasyPark count their user base in millions and have triple digit growth. EasyPark is headquartered in Stockholm and the company has surpassed 200 full time staff globally.

Our secret recipe for success

It is a well-known fact that companies with a strong culture and happy employees give rise to innovation and provide better services with higher efficiency. In order to deliver an excellent service to our partners and customers, we focus on building a strong corporate culture with clearly defined values, and expected behaviors from every single person in the organization, including our top leadership.

A strong focus on culture and people in EasyPark Group is not a coincidence. We believe that our greatest asset is talent, because talented people in this organization are the ones that drive success and create impact.

In order to support the talent acquisition of right people,  their development and growth within EasyPark Group we have invested a significant effort into designing a value&behaviour based recruitment, and a Winning Culture platform that enables professional and personal growth, and inner value alignment with the company.

Our Winning Culture defines exact values, and behaviors that are expected from every single person in the organization, and that is to be courageous, collaborative, ready for change, and having love for our customers.

We are looking for a world class talent, that will deliver a world-class service, and in order to do so, we need talent that is driven, smart, and diverse.

EasyPark Group takes pride in our working culture, and environment, that brings together more than 200 people, in more than countries, with more than 18 nationalities across. We are diverse, we are international and flexible, just like the environment we operate in, and having people that can operate in a high paced environment with a high level of energy and positivity is what we are looking for, and what we are ready to invest in.

Our secret recipe for success are people. Because we believe that people make the difference.

So, let's hear from some of the people that make the difference:

Lars Blach, Marketing Manager:

“I joined EasyPark almost 4 years ago, and honestly believe I couldn’t have found a better place to grow. I was very surprised by the culture, as everyone here wants you to succeed, something that personally has had major impact on my development and helped empower me to excel in my function. Even though everyone has their own role and responsibilities, cross functional work is big part of working-life at EasyPark, forcing you to learn, understand and act outside your functional area and even comfort-zone.”


Santa Karpa, Accounting Manager:

“I joined EasyPark in December 2016 and had been working as an Accounting Manager since. Why I like it at EasyPark? There are so many reasons! The people in this company is definitely the perfect blend - so many different cultures and personalities and simply awesome co-workers. Our management encourages us to always improve processes and never rest on our laurels. We all work hard and get recognised for that. I have learned to think outside the box, use my creativity and express my ideas and concerns. EasyPark encourages innovation and that is what keeps me motivated.”


Emelie Svensson, Business Controller:

“After my graduation 6 months ago, I started as a Business Controller at EasyPark. As a recent graduate, I never thought I would be able to learn so much in such a short time! Every day I get the chance to work closely with colleagues in our markets and I get to learn a lot about the whole financial process in different countries. The best part of being an Easyparker is that I am a part of an open and entrepreneurial culture where everyone is driven and work towards the same goal.”


Sebastian Ritzen, Product Manager Business Segment POP (Parking Operators):

“I joined EasyPark in December 2016. I like working at EasyPark due to a truly international culture, innovative products and work methods and variety of daily work (great mix of tech, strategy, business development, and team development). During my time at EasyPark I have gained insights and knowledge about the fast-growing tech industry (how to scale), leadership, and product development.”